Renovation Inspiration- HGTV Junkies

 HGTV junkies- a snapshot of “unreality”

We always joked that we could do a “reno.” It would be fun. Look they redid their kitchen and all the contractors, designers, and owners communicated without a hitch.  

The owner’s told the designer a few of their favorite colors and the rest was finished  before our eyes in thirty minutes like a dream! It’s a beautiful snapshot of “unreality.”

Here are a few tips from Top’s Reality Renovation team. We might even start our own show!

We just want to offer some tips to make the building or renovating experience better.

If you are building a house, the first step applies to you.

1) Before you pour the slab, meet with a designer to plan the maximum usage of space and choose your appliances!

2) If you are redoing a kitchen, the first step applies to you minus the slab.

3) Choose cabinetry and appliances together in kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, man worlds, and outdoor living spaces. This allows the appliances and spaces to be customized to function the way you want.

For example-If you choose to have a microwave drawer in a peninsula, that requires power. Not planning for this would add costs and headaches to wire for electricity and modify the cabinets.

4)  Planning saves time and money. Why not consider how you are going to use the space in a way that is optimal for you? You are paying for the square footage, and the cabinets are inside the square footage.

5) Appliances require power, plumbing, and space.  By buying your appliances and letting your contractor know what the specifications are make the whole process go smoother. Make sure the contractor gets the specifications and signs off on the proper set  up for plumbing, gas, electric, venting,  etc.

6) Planning for countertops, flooring, and lighting should be done at this stage, as well.

Pre-planning takes a bit more time on the front end but it is much less time in the long run and saves you money. Most importantly it helps you "Create Great Living Spaces!"

Martha Maybe
Guest Blogger