My neighbor said Top's has the best prices!

We went to Top’s because my neighbor said Top’s has the best prices.  It started with Joey Hebert coming to my house and showing us what we could do.  Then I went to the store, to see the cabinets; I wanted to experience them, open them, close them, everything.  Then I met Sherry and she was so excited about my books.  She started talking about having a book signing in a cabinet store – She blew my mind!

Meeting Sherry, Joey and the men who came to renovate, it was bittersweet.  Renovating is overwhelming, you live in an upside down house for weeks, but it was delightful.  They were the most wonderful people I ever worked with.  And Red and Thomas bent over backwards to help me.  They were there to carry out my wishes in my house.

It was priceless to me. I feel like I gained some friends in all of this!

Arlene Hebert

Children’s Author and Satisfied Top’s Customer