Is “Manufactured” really a dirty word?

Is “Manufactured” really a dirty word? (part one)

To be honest, we didn’t understand the advantages of “manufactured” cabinets so we had a small shop custom build them for our kitchen.

When we chose our kitchen cabinet stain and finish we didn’t think about what could go wrong until the custom doors for our subzero refrigerator didn’t fit. No big deal right?

They had to be remade and our cabinetmaker was more than happy to do it.

It was an unexpected blip on renovation road.

The finish on the custom-doors arrived and they were not an exact match with the  other cabinets and they were corrected a week before the final install.

We learned the wood and stain is not easy to match.

We are not fussy by nature. It’s just we wanted our kitchen to be perfect. It’s a big investment!

We wish we had gone with manufactured cabinets.

Reputable cabinet manufacturers can match the quality of the wood and finish for years. 

Now we realize that if the finish gets damaged it will be very difficult to match the finish and the wood unless you work with a quality manufacturer that guarantees the  cabinets and finish.

Most people love their new kitchen when they are first installed.  The thought of kids hanging on the doors, scuff, scratch and grease marks are invisible in the first moments of “newness.”  Fires and floods are not part of the new kitchen honeymoon glow either.

What matters most?

The quality of the wood,  and how the wood is treated is just the beginning of how the finish will last.  The finish application process will impact the longevity of the finish and the cabinet itself for many years.

We love craftsman, and my father in-law is one, so this is not a diss.  But there might be some things that are very important to consider for the long run when you are making an investment on your home (consider the Return on Investment).-

Rhonda Regrets
(Guest blogger)

We bought our appliances at Tops, but not our cabinets. I wish we did.