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I met Arlene Hebert, children’s author of the Angeltale Adventures Series, when we renovated her kitchen.  It was a joy to work for her and her husband.  We treasure her as our customer. She is such a delightful person; her work an inspiration.  It was my pleasure to host a coffee party in our showroom in support of her work.  She shared her incredible conversion story from nurse to author and how she has used her work to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  We dedicated the event to Cameron Blanchard, a friend of my family and member of our church.  Cameron received miraculous life-giving treatment and is leading an extraordinary life today because of St. Jude’s.  I hope you will join us in telling this story and support Arlene’s work by purchasing her books.

Sherry Latour

Owner/President, Top’s Appliances and Cabinetry