I'm sold on induction cooking!

Experience Induction Cooking for Yourself.

Induction cooking has been used in Europe for decades by professionals and homeowners demanding the best in performance. They are 90-95% energy efficient; as a result, no heat is wasted because energy is supplied directly to the cooking vessel.  In order to fully experience this incredible technology, we have the Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop live in our showroom. Our valued customer brought his pots and prepared lunch for our staff and was sold.  Here’s what he had to say:

"I was dead set on gas; then I found out the property I fell in love with didn't have it.  Sherry said try induction.  Bring your pots and try it.  I've never had such even heat; no hot spots or cold spots in the pot.  I didn't have to keep rearranging the meat I was browning, I just let it brown and flip it and browned the other side.  The browning was great, the gravy was even better.  The change in temperature was just as fast as gas and more precise.  You have to try cooking on it.  I never liked electric, now I don't like gas.  I LOVE induction!"