The Happiness Factor

“The bottom line goes up when my employees are happy.”  Have you ever heard that statement?  Talk about illogical!  At least that is what many may think.  But, I have experienced the reality of happy employees.  When I decided to sponsor an event at Top’s called The Real Food Challenge, I had no expectation of the “happiness factor” I was about to experience.  The first night, Thursday, was orientation.  We met the class instructors, Daphne and Molly, plus all the farmers and merchants.  By the end of the night, those attending went home with produce, fish, beef, chicken, breads, pre-packaged meals cooked with love and incredible ingredients, and recipes so all could begin reclaiming their kitchens.  Well, when I walked into work on Friday, expecting business as usual, I witnessed an incredible spirit of happiness.  My guys were talking about greens, meals they were eating, and foods they were cooking. They were smiling and laughing...WOW!  Then, the following Tuesday, which was the first night of class, spouses came, and the enthusiasm grew.  This momentum continued during the entire 30 day challenge!  They started shopping at farmers markets, reading labels, and supporting each other.  This brought our team spirit to a new level.  Then, the medical results started pouring in.  Reports were astounding. Employees cheered each other on, and encouragement became the new norm!  Managing employees comes with its own set of challenges, but the effort of sharing Real Food with them lays a foundation that just makes it all go so much smoother. My hope is to host a monthly event in our showroom and to continue to nurture what the Real Food Challenge started.  My thanks and appreciation to all those participating; especially Daphne Olivier, My Food Coach, and Molly Clayton, Bon Vie Kitchen, the creators of the Real Food Challenge!  I BELIEVE Happy Employees make Happy Customers!

Sherry Latour


Top’s Appliances & Cabinetry