The Most Vital Step In Making Your Remodel A Seamless Job

“What! That appliance isn’t available anymore! But, I built my cabinets to fit that model! I didn’t think I needed to buy my appliances until it was time to install them!” 

To make sure you are not caught in this horrific situation, Top’s recommends that you purchase your appliances at the time you select your cabinet design.  Why? Because it is one of the most vital steps in making your new construction or remodel a seamless job. Remember, only purchasing the items can secure your choices.

In the past 6 years, I have witnessed the following experiences that are out of our control & dictate how quickly any model can become unavailable:

  • I have seen manufacturers lose vendor contracts leaving orders for built-in refrigeration incapable of being filled.
  • I have seen a tsunami wipe out a glass producing vendor, which left a manufacturer unable to provide their glass hoods and glass door wine coolers.
  • I have seen inventory depleted because regularly scheduled model changes were delayed.
  • I have seen labor strikes cause costly construction setbacks that required product substitutions.
  • I have seen custom hoods, built to specifications for ventilation inserts, that ended up not being adequate for the final choice of the cooking surface; therefore, compromising proper ventilation.
  • I have seen backorders, shipping, and weather issues impede project completion.
  • I have seen supply and demand fluctuations cause delays also.
  • We have had distribution warehouse fires requiring our shipments to be rerouted to a center across the county making a larger shipping time.  And last month, a fire damaged a manufacturing facility where some parts were stored and administrated staff had offices, but the extent of the impact is unknown at this time.

Top’s is one location with multiple solutions. Let our licensed and certified designers manage your entire project, so we can be with you every step of the way.

  • Multiple brand and style selection of appliances for home, outdoor or office.
  • State of the art finish and custom design cabinetry with maximum storage to fit your needs.
  • Professionally trained and certified installation team.? In-house service and maintenance teams.

We insure and warehouse your appliances and cabinetry until your site is ready for installation. Our certified factory trained employees are equipped and trained to install and test your products. In the event there are any manufacturing defects or shipping damage, our technicians are there to correct the issue.

Top’s - Creating Great Living Spaces

Sherry Latour, Owner