Welcome to Claibourne Pottery

Top's is excited to display the unique pottery of master craftsman Camille Claibourne in our showroom. Claibourne Pottery is our newest Top's Endorsed Makers of Top's Shops. All of her pottery on display is for sale.

"God is the potter and we are the clay. Playing with clay is a spiritual experience as each piece is unique just as God has made us unique," Camille Claibourne.

Camille is a registered nurse that began working with clay in the 90's. Amazed at the connection and fun, the hobby has evolved into a passion and small business.

"I make everything from sinks to functional pottery; sconces, cups, bowls, church fonts, vases, and more!"

Claibourne Pottery items are considered Master Pottery under the Louisiana Crafts Guild. They are all food safe, oven safe, dishwasher safe, but does get hot in the microwave.

Claibourne has also become a local author, "Dying in God's Hands" was published in 2009 and "Purses and Shoes for Sale; the joys and challenges of caring for Elder Parents" was published in 2016. 

Camille Pavy Claibourne, APRN, PhD
Louisiana Crafs Guild
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