My Food Coach Hands-on Cooking Classes at Top's

My Food Coach Cooking Class at Top's from Top's Appliances & Cabinetry on Vimeo.

My Food Coach Hands-on Cooking Class Series hosted in Top's newly renovated LIVE Kitchen.

Hosting this cooking class series is Daphne Olivier, the unconventional dietitian and owner of My Food Coach. She coaches anyone wanting to improve their health through nutrition and offers plans that help people with cronic illness. She also shares products and knowledge through events at Top's such as: Acadiana's Real Food Challenge, Girls Night Out, Tasty Tuesdays & Wellness Wednesdays and now her Hands-on Cooking Class Series.

The events feature Nutrient Dense Cook Christina Sciarrillo 

Her motto is: "The process of changing eating habits is a journey. Progress, not perfection, is what we are constantly striving for." 

Top's is proud to house Daphne's office inside our building - 5826 Johnston St., Lafayette, LA 70503 - - or visit My Food Coach on Facebook. 

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