If you’re thinking about building, haven’t broken ground, now is not to soon to visit our showroom and design center to meet our team. The earlier you begin planning the easier it will be to create a "Great Living Space" that will speak to you.

Many people in the Acadiana area are already part of the Top’s family, and we take care of them.

If you are looking for a company that can take care of you from the beginning and stay with you into the future we are here to provide reliable service and integrity. We are happy to explain what your options are, and point out features you might want to consider.

There are a variety of price points at Tops, but all brands and products are ones that Tops can stand behind and have met Tops high standards. Sherry researches the products and vendors to be as sure as possible that parts for repairs are available in order that Tops can continue to support you.

When you buy from us, we service it!

Many competitors sell product lines that are problematic when it comes to repairs. The only one that suffers in that situation is you. At Tops we have people who are committed to creating and maintaining a "Great Living Space" for you.

If personal relationships and service mean more to you than getting a 1-800-number to solve problems and leave a message, then Tops is the right company for you.

Why come to Tops when you can buy from other stores? We can provide service to you in your home with our team- NO SUBS. 

Tops can help you design it, customize it, install it, and take care of it. No other shop can offer all those services for their clients.

With Tops you don’t have to worry if they will take care of a warranty in a few years. We have been here for 60 years!  It’s not an extended warranty, it’s better, we take care of what you need. Our team is knowledgeable and has been committed to the industry for a long time. When you become part of the Tops tradition then you know how nice it feels to have people who want to make sure everything works safely and properly.  We also want to make sure it lasts. Tops is the best solution.

Creating Great Living Spaces that speak to you